Here we are. Approximately one year after the release of the original version of the map, I am no proud to release Version 1.5. With it comes the ability to search for videos around a place. Simply enter a few characters belonging to a location (e.g. Osaka) in the search bar and a few suggested locations will be shown to you. Clicking on these will result in the map swiftly zooming to their position and showing you videos shot in that area.

The idea for this feature came to me after Tatsui (my wife) told me she wanted to watch some videos in and around Super Nintendo World. It was thrilling to implement this new feature and I’m proud of how much this tool already improved since its original release. The progress can be observed in the Changelog.

While initially it was only showing the overview of where individual YouTube channels went, it is now able to actually act as a search engine. With this feature, this map further fulfills its intended role of helping people discover Japan and planning their own trip. In particular, it enables an authentic search and discover experience, giving you the viewpoint of real people on the places. More features for this purpose will be added in the future.

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