Wow! After 4 and a half long years I have finally managed to release this video. Yes, you read that right, I filmed this video back in September of 2019 and have not gotten around to edit it until now. And the reason for that is my burnout. I previously burnt out from working and making videos. It prompted me to start a 4-day work week and so far I have been able to manage much better. The recovery took me a long time, but I am glad to say that I am finally getting there.

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And now to the video. Tatsui and I went on a cruise in 2019. It launched from Yokohama. As this was a long trip from Nagoya (6 hours on the Highway Bus!), we decided that we should also spend an additional day in Tokyo. What I wanted to figure out if Tokyo is actually worth going. I was a bit skeptical because no one ever questions that. I was also interested in seeing if I could convince Tatsui that Tokyo was super boring. But did I manage to successfully gaslight her? You’ll see once you watch the video!

Thanks for reading!
— Niko

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