I am not kidding. In this video, I drink alcohol for breakfast because that is what was offered to us in a hotel in Linz. You can’t imagine how shocked Tatsui was about that. Anyways, we went to Linz because Tatsui got a bit bored in sitting in Innsbruck all the time.

And this was mostly a misunderstanding, she wanted to trip within Europe and asked me about that all the time. I simply did not have the motivation or energy to plan trips within Europe and for some reason Tatsui believed that she was not able to plan trips herself. So after a lovely sit down between the two of us, as married couples should do every now and then, we determined that I am happy to go along with trips in Europe as long as she planned them.

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Interestingly enough, she felt like she was not capable of planning trips in Europe and thought I would need to do it. So I showed her all of the hotel, train and flight booking websites, she went ahead and planned a trip.  In the end, we had a fantastic time! I also feel like this part is really important, because we as a couple talked about something where we had a misunderstanding between each other. The resolution of this misunderstanding then helped us grow as a couple and to make our bond stronger. If I have one piece of relationship advice to give, then it is the following sentence. It is not the lack of conflicts that makes a relationship great, but it is the ability to resolve them that truly defines the bond between the two people.

And to come back to the video. Here, we explore the discrepancy on our view on travel in Europe while touring the city of Linz in Austria. So go and check it out! You might quite like it, but only if you are not from Europe yourself 😁.

— Niko

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